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Are you interested in a sales job, but not sure if you're the right fit? Then here are 7 traits of an amazing salesperson, and you can see for yourself if you have what it takes 😏: 

1. A Hunter's Mentality 😈 someone who is going to get excited about "the big fish"--someone who will prepare endlessly and wade through a lot of information, contacts and leads in order to put themselves in a position to land as many big accounts as possible

2. The Discipline to Follow Up - consistent follow-ups is one of the most valuable acts a salesperson can do. 

3. Charisma - If a salesperson isn't likable, well, it's hard to make any sales 🤷‍♂️

4. An intelligent fighter - someone who doesn't take no for an answer, who knows how to be politely persistent, and who is quick on his or her feet 😎

5. Resilience - a great salesperson isn't easily discouraged, and doesn't take the rejection on a personal level.

6. Empathy - salespeople have to relate to the customer and support them in choosing the right solutions, so personal empathy is an essential quality.

7. Confidence - the best salespeople are the ones who have great personality, are confident in what they do and never let go of opportunities- they grab the leg and don't let go 💪💪💪