HVAC/Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technician

თარიღები: 20 ნოემ - 19 დეკ
მდებარეობა: თბილისი
დასაქმების ფორმა: სრული განაკვეთი
გამოცდილება: ერთ წელზე ნაკლები
ენები: ინგლისური
ელ. ფოსტა: bakuhr@stork.com
ხელოსანი/შეკეთება/მონტაჟი:  ვენტილაცია/გათბობა/კონდიცირება (HVAC)

Company name: Stork Technical Services (RBG) Limited 


Job title: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Technician

Work location: Georgia, Oil and Gas Pipeline


Experience:   Previous work experience in HVAC or refrigeration. Electrical experience is desirable.

Knowledge:  Computer literate; good (above average) English



Implement maintenance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment; compliant with QHSE requirements, local and international regulations and standards, assist the onsite techs and engineer to carry out day-to-day duties. Attend courses to expand experience of HVAC, electrical and refrigeration. Become assessed by the onsite engineer to track career experience.


  • Ensure that all works are carried out in compliance with Company and Client’s QHSE rules
  • Abide by Client rules and regulations for the proper execution of the services
  • Execute Maintenance preventive and correctives operations
  • Diagnose and identify breakdowns or deviations on devices, equipment or systems
  • Checking and control of equipment, installations, material at the various interventions stages using proper devices
  • Repair or replace the damaged elements or tools
  • Carry out the maintenance tasks required for the corrective and preventive maintenance of the elements, devices or systems
  • Timely analyze potential problems that could arise in the production plant, with close cooperation with other teams, in order to prevent non-productive or poor operations
  • All of the above under the guidance of the onsite engineer
  • Attend at various daily, weekly and occasional meetings
  • Prepare necessary reports on maintenance and operations
  • Report to Supervisor for any unusual situation with regard to stock of materials, consumables or tools
  • Keep Supervisor informed on the progress of ongoing operations
  • Execute the final controls and the related maintenance tasks planned by Client’s Maintenance System.
  • Complete and sign the necessary maintenance data sheets
  • Update the information for Client’s Maintenance System
  • Follow Company Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by Supervisor or Site engineer.


The detailed information will be provided for the shortlisted candidates.


The interested candidates may send CVs (in English) to this e-mail: bakuhr@stork.com

Please indicate in the subject the position name you are applying.

მსგავსი განცხადებები
გაზის გამათბობლის მემონტაჟე


04 დეკ - 31 დეკ

გათბობა-ვენტილაციის სპეციალისტი

ასოციაცია ატუ

22 ნოემ - 21 დეკ

გათბობა-კონდიცირების სპეციალისტი

კლიმატ სერვის გრუპი

14 ნოემ - 13 დეკ


ელიენ გრინ

03 დეკ - 31 დეკ

ტექნიკოსი ბათუმში


12 ნოემ - 11 დეკ

ტექნიკოსის ასისტენტი

ლუკა პოლარე

21 ნოემ - 20 დეკ

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