Gate Operator in Batumi

თარიღები: 10 ოქტ - 21 ოქტ
მდებარეობა: ბათუმი
დასაქმების ფორმა: სრული განაკვეთი
განათლება: ბაკალავრი
გამოცდილება: ერთ წელზე ნაკლები
ენები: ინგლისური რუსული
ელ. ფოსტა:
ლოგისტიკა/ტრანსპორტი:  ლოჯისტიკა საწყობი ტვირთის მართვა

MEDLOG Georgia is pleased to announce an opening for Gate Operator in CFS Batumi.  


Medlog Georgia is representing one of the largest global logistics company MEDLOG SA with a presence in over 60 countries and over 10M TEU handled.



Gate Operator  

General Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Fluency in English and Russian is a must;
  • Good PC skills, advanced user of MS office, Windows;
  • Working experience in Georgian customs institutions is an advantage;
  • Effective Business and Interpersonal communication skills;
  • Self-organized and able to work under pressure;
  • Easy-learner and committed to self-development;
  • Ability to work independently as well as a team member;
  • Interest in Shipping, Logistics and Forwarding Industry (working experience in this field is an advantage).


Short Job Description:

  • To carry out the Provisions, instructions, other governing and regulatory documents which  regulates  the gate in -gate out activities in the Customs bonded area.
  • Strictly control the validity of the documents required for the delivery of goods to/from the  warehouse and their compliance with the established rules and normatives.
  • Check the validity of stamps and signatures on the documents provided.
  • To check the full compliance of documentation of the goods provided in the application which need to be loaded to/from the warehouse with the   factually   loaded cargo.
  • To check the technical condition of containers, compliance of seals while accepting to the warehouse and when releasing loaded cargo from the warehouse.
  • To inform Immediately the Shift Supervisor in case of detection of container damage or seal discrepancy.
  • To carry out the cargo registration flowing to/ from the terminal, according to the Order # 993, 31st of December, 2010   of the Minister of Finance of Georgia about the rules on approval of the instruction on movement and disposal of goods in the economic territory of Georgia.
  • Compare electronic databases on daily basis with the daily  reporting of   factual  provisions kept in  warehouse;
  • Maintaining and archiving correctly-raised documents for cargo accepted /released to /from the warehouse.
  • Do not allow release of  full trucks,  or entrance of any  other facilities to/from the terminal  without registration in the relevant journal.
  • To check identification document of forwarder and driver before entering depot territory; 
  • Observe fully incoming container (including upper side) by means of a video camera, make respective records and inform the Shift Supervisor accordingly. 



How to apply:

Interested candidates must submit their CV (references will be considered as an advantage) to the following e-mail address:


Closing date for CV submission 21st of October, 2018


Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview.

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