Selection Process for Support Assistant/Chef
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  • 3305 - 3305
  • ბაკალავრი
13 ნოე - დღეს
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VACANCY NOTICE 01-2022 - Selection Process for Support Assistant (Chef) 



  • Selection process for hiring a Support Assistant (Chef) to work at the Brazilian Embassy in Tbilisi. 
  •  Among the duties to be performed by the Support Assistant are: 
  • Planning the daily menu, shopping for groceries (at markets, grocery stores, etc), shopping for specialty items (organic, gluten-free, nut-free, etc) 
  • Putting food away and storing properly, stocking the pantry, controlling dry and wet pantry stock 
  • Being diligent with food handling skills, cleaning up and sanitizing the work space 
  • Assisting in the planning of events and dinner parties, preparing meals and drinks for events as needed, overseeing table settings, assisting other Official Residence employees during events 
  • Maintaining detailed records of allergies and dietary restrictions, creating customized meal plans, keeping up with nutritional information 
  • Other kitchen- and hosting-related tasks 
  • Upon employment, the successful candidate shall abide to the Embassy’s high standards of professionalism, confidentiality, formality and respect, as well as integrity and adherence to the proper diplomatic protocol. 
  • Candidates should be aware that this position includes cleaning and other types of physical labour and thus they are expected to be fit for work. 



  • The basic gross monthly salary will be  3305 GEL. 
  • The employee will receive an additional food reimbursement up to 560 GEL. 
  • The selected candidate shall be enrolled in the social security system of Georgia, irrespective of his or her nationality. 
  • The labor contract shall be governed by the labor laws of Georgia. The approval in the selection process does not imply an employment relationship with the Public Service of the Federative Republic of Brazil. 



The applicant must have: 

  • Educational background and proven professional experience in an area relevant to the position, such as hotel, restaurant, other HORECA activities;  
  • Cooking skills and training to carry out activities in the relevant area; 
  • Proficiency in Georgian and English languages. Proficiency in Russian and/or Portuguese is an asset but not mandatory; 



Regardless of nationality, the applicant must submit the following documents: 

  • Proof of regular residence status and legal permission to engage in paid employment in Georgia; 
  • Certificate of physical and mental fitness issued by an official institution of Georgia; 
  • Curriculum vitae and a cover letter written in English language; 
  • Certificate of absence of criminal records; 
  • Declaration of personal association, amity or kinship to any employee of the Embassy / Official Residence of Brazil, if this is the case; 
  • In the case of a Brazilian candidate, the following is required: 
  • Declaration that he/she is not an active public servant; 
  • Proof of discharge of obligations with Brazilian military service. 



The following contact details must be included in the curriculum: 

  • Contact telephone number; 
  • Email; and 
  • Home address. 
  • Additional letters of reference may be attached to the email, if any. 
  • E-mails will be disregarded and discarded if they: 
  • Contain the curriculum in the body of the message and not in the attached PDF file; 
  • Containing the curriculum written in a language other than English; 
  • Have a number of attachments exceeding 1 mb in size; 
  • Are received outside of the application period. 
  • The candidate that is affiliated through personal association, amity or kinship to any employee of the Embassy / Official Residence of Brazil should inform this in his e-mail and cover letter.  



  • The selection process will be comprised of three stages: 
  • Between 05/12 and 09/12: analysis of curricula (registered candidates); 
  • Between 12/12 and 22/12: presentation of documents and a written test, in which only the candidates selected after the curriculum analysis will participate; and 
  • Between 02/01/2022 and 09/01/2022: oral interview, test of language proficiency and cooking skills, in which only the candidates selected after the written test will participate; 
  • Only the candidates selected in the first stage will be contacted. 



  • The candidates will be eliminated, in case of: 
  • Presenting false information or omitting relevant information, including personal association, amity or kinship to any employee of the Embassy / Official Residence of Brazil; 
  • Failure to submit required documents; 
  • Failure to attend any of the stages within the specified time frames. 
  • Non-selected but classified candidates will be included in a roster file. 
  • If necessary, candidates included in the roster file will be contacted in accordance with the rank received in the selection process. 


The candidate should send an email containing only a resume and a cover letter, in PDF format, to, with the subject "CHEF Selection Process 2022", between 00:00 of 21/11/2022 and 23:59 of 01/12/2022, Georgia time zone. 

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