Iron Craftsmen in Saguramo
სხვა, მცხეთა
  • სრული განაკვეთი
29 აპრ - 29 მაი
ვაკანსიაზე გამოხმაურება
ტელეფონი: +995 591 06 06 03


In the iron quarry, located in the village of Saguramo, Mtskheta district, near the city of Tbilisi, we need an iron craftsmen, who will have to make metal doors, railings and other metal structures. we need 3 persons. Experience required. Must know how to cut iron in dimensions, as well as welding-installation. Remuneration by agreement, both fixed and interest. We provide staff with a workroom, all the necessary equipment and clients. We will be happy with the settlement if they settle in Saguramo, for which we will help. 


Glory to Ukraine!


If you are interested, please contact us at, or call us at +995 591 06 06 03

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